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News and Notes.

November 13, 2018 ----

Over the night of Nov 11-12, the hosting site suffered an error, requiring a completed rebuild of the site. This will happen today. Data will normailze over a 2 day cycle.

November 8, 2018 ----

The website has been down from Nov.5 - Nov. 9 due to a hosting relocation. The relocation went, let's see, less then easy / optimal is a nice way to put it, but it's now up. See below for comment on the changes

November 8, 2018 ----

The following changes and deletions have been made --

1- The 'select cities' page has been deactivated due to growing issues with weather underground, the provider of the data. Additionally, WU is implementing a paid API approach to accessing data. I cut and ran, sorry.

2- The daily climate history report has been deactivated. It required a significant rewrite and was very rarely used. Gone.

3- The flyer was never used; it's also gone.

4- Station Graphs are gone; as is the NOAA image of the day. changes by NOAA in format and accessibility.

5- There are minor 'under-the-hood' changes, not evident in use, but will improve performance.

6- Changes will be made to the alerts / warnings etc and forecast programs in an attempt to speed up a slow access problem in retrieving data from NOAA sites and repositories.

Additional change notes will be added under a new date line as the happen

August 1, 2018 ----

A couple of items regarding site access and display --

(1) Google has modified their mapping requirements such that a specific API must be used to fully display various maps, if absent, the display is degraded and shows 'Development Mode' messages.

(2) Google has modified security checks for HTTPS in websites, primarily to tighten us phishing etc security. I do not use https, and consequently get a 'site is not secure' message in the left side of the address bar in some browsers. I do use cookies - 2 - both related to the color changes available. If you click on it, it'll show you.

I have no plans to change either item. If it's super important for you, sorry, but you'll have to go elsewhere.